SDK targets polarised-sensor machine vision modules

May 14, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions has released what the company claims to be the industry’s first software development kit for camera modules based on Pregius IMX250MZR polarised-sensor.

Created to run on its new XCG-CP510 polarised module, the XPL-SDKW enables development teams to cut polarised-sensor machine vision application design time and cost significantly.

The IMX250MZR sensor which integrates polarisation functionality at the pixel level, can filter light in four planes - 0°, 90°, 45°, and 135° - with pixels assigned a plane in a 2x2 calculation unit.

Depending on the dev team and application, a standard polarised-camera application would typically take between 6 to 24 months. Through the SDK, and its image processing library, the devevelopment time for the same application can be cut to around 6-12 weeks, Sony says. Sony has developed and validated software models for the major subset of applicactions such as weakness detection (eg for glass, PET and display manufacturing); inspection (eg for manufacturing / ITS / pharmaceuticals) and scratch identification.

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