Samsung to invest in Mattrix Technologies ’ CN-VOLET technology

May 14, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Mattrix Technologies
Florida-based startup Mattrix Technologies, whose founders have designed a novel type of high-aperture transparent transistor aimed at OLED displays, announced it has closed its Series A financing round with $3 million in investment from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation and JSR Corporation.

The funding will be used to develop production-ready manufacturing processes and fabricate a fully-integrated display prototype based on Mattrix Technologies ’ unique pixel architecture.

Mattrix’OLET (organic light emitting transistor) technology was designed to solve the OLED backplane problem and enable the cost-effective production of large-area displays.

At the heart of this breakthrough is Mattrix’s proprietary CN-VOLET (carbon-nanotube enabled, vertical, organic, light emitting transistor) technology, a pixel architecture that combines the drive transistor, storage capacitor and light emitting layers into a sequentially deposited, vertical, transparent stack.

This enables a high aperture ratio, bottom emission display that simplifies the manufacturing process and increases display lifetime. The novel pixel architecture is compatible with the existing manufacturing infrastructure including solution-processed manufacturing. It boasts improved power consumption and reduces screen door effects.

Mattrix has licensed all developed IP, including 16 U.S. patents, with more than 350 claims and filings in Europe, Korea, China, and Japan. The company is seeking collaborative partners interested in licensing its technology for commercialization.

Mattrix is a resident client of the University of Florida’s business incubator, UF Innovate | The Hub .

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