Miniature programmable smart speaker is only 24x24x17mm

June 05, 2020 //By Julien Happich
smart speaker
The M5Stack ATOM ECHO is a tiny programmable smart speaker based on the M5ATOM series of products.

The slim design measures 24x24x17mm and comes with a premium finish for a professional look. The unit can be programmed to be voice-controlled, which means that when it is powered on, the program is uploaded. You can simply ask for things like music, news, information, and more. Input your voice through the microphone of M5Stack ATOM ECHO, and output the text in your device using text to speech APIs. It could also be programmed to control compatible smart devices in the home, voice-activated. The device can also be programmed to access AWS, and other cloud platforms. The speaker has an integrated RGB LED light (SK6812), which can visually display the connection status. As a smart speaker, it can control the ATOM series. Devices can be connected through the grove interface. Pins G21/G25 can be used for general purpose I/O, they do not support I2C and UART however. Screw holes on the back are convenient for users to affix the device in place. The factory default firmware is a bluetooth speaker, which uses A2DP protocol to transmit audio data (call reception is not supported). The firmware is compiled on the ESP-IDF platform.

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