Israeli startup takes RF sensing to consumer DIY tool

May 07, 2019 //By Julien Happich
RF sensing
Following up on its recently released educational kit on RF sensing, Vayyar Imaging Ltd. has released a standalone wall scanner that, once coupled to a smartphone for displaying the results, lets users see through lath and plaster, drywall, and concrete.

The Walabot DIY Plus, as it is marketed, provides a visual map of everything inside a wall, including metal and wooden studs, pipes, wires and even rodents. The compact device, about the size of a smartphone, brings professional-grade capabilities to consumers. The scanner easily attaches to an Android phone (with OS 6.0 and above and OTG) and is controlled via the free app in the Google Play Store. The product casing has easy slide strips that allow for smooth scanning of any wall, no matter the surface type.

Walabot DIY Plus is powered by Vayyar’s proprietary radio-wave based sensors, which make it possible to see up to four inches beneath a wall’s surface to create an accurate 3D map of what’s inside the wall in real-time. It is aimed at professionals, including renovators, plumbers, electricians, construction workers and architects, as well as DIYers and hobbyists who want to see into their walls before beginning a home project.

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