Industrial SSD controller designed for extreme temperatures

November 14, 2019 //By Julien Happich
SSD controller
Hyperstone’s X1 SSD flash memory controller has been rigorously tested in sudden power fail situations and for reliability, offering superb FIT rates, according to the manufacturer.

The industrial flash controller with hyMap firmware, hyReliability features and full SATA compliance is now in mass production. In addition to comprehensive NAND flash support for industrial applications, Hyperstone provides extensive health monitoring tools enabling advanced system level qualifications. The X1 SATA III SSD controller features a powerful and efficient proprietary dual-core processor with advanced security features to ensure bulletproof operation. Hyperstone’s eXtended Endurance (FlashXE) feature, SRAM ECC and end-to-end data path protection are vital in guaranteeing an industrially stable system with today’s flashes. In addition, the X1 features extremely low power consumption and the silicon is designed for extreme temperature environments.
Hyperstone GmbH –

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