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RadioVerse ADRV9009 Overview

The ADRV9009 is the widest bandwidth integrated transceiver that supports carrier-grade performance, fast frequency hopping and simplifies digital beamforming. It offers a common-platform solution for 2G/3G/4G/5G, massive MIMO and phased array radar.

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LTM8002: High Efficiency, Ultra Low EMI Step-Down Power µModule

The LTM8002 is a 40VIN, 2.5A step-down µModule® regulator. It includes the switching controller, power switches, inductor, and all support components. It supports an input voltage range of 3.4V to 40V, and output voltages from 0.97V to 18V.


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1.2GHz Bandwidth Direct Receiver >43dB Image Rejection

This video shows a reference design that DC couples the LTC5594, a 9GHz direct-conversion I/Q demodulator to the AD9208, a 3Gsps, 14-bit dual ADC that delivers 1.2GHz bandwidth. Learn how to optimize image rejection, IM2/IM3, and HD2/HD3 for superb dynamic range.

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LTC7821: Hybrid Synchronous Step-Down Controller

The LTC7821, an industry first hybrid step-down synchronous controller that merges a switched capacitor circuit with a synchronous step-down controller, enables up to a 50% reduction in DC/DC converter solution size compared to traditional solutions.

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Active Rectifier Controller with Reverse Protection

As the current level continues to increase in automotive electronic systems, designers can no longer use conventional blocking Schottky diodes due to high power dissipation and thermal issues. The LT8672 is an active rectifier controller with reverse current protection that can replace the diode.
The LT8672 operates at the input range between 3V and 42V with only 20uA quiescent current. It protects the load against reverse input voltages up to -40V. It’s low power dissipation, fast transient response, and small solution size make the LT8672 ideal for automotive applications.

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Fast 150V Protected High Side Driver

The LTC7000 is a fast, protected, high side N-channel MOSFET gate driver that contains an internal charge pump allowing the external N-channel MOSFET to stay on indefinitely. The LTC7000 receives a low voltage digital input signal and can fully turn-on or turn-off a high-side N-channel. The LTC7000 includes protection features for the power source, external MOSFET and load such as overcurrent trip, fault flag, under voltage and over voltage lockouts.

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Silent Switcher 2: Dual 4A per Channel, 42V Micropower Step-Down Regulator

As automotive electronic content increases, voltage regulators continually need smaller size, higher current, and lower radiated emissions. Silent Switcher® 2 products address this need by providing 2MHz solutions with high efficiency without compromising EMI performance. The LT8650S is a dual channel, 42V step-down regulator providing up to 4A of output current per channel in a 4mm × 6mm package. Silent Switcher® 2 technology makes the EMI performance less dependent on PCB board layout, enabling robust EMI results.  Switching losses are not compromised for EMI performance, as fast rising edge control approaching 10V/ns is achieved with very low overshoot and ringing.

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Micropower Zero-Drift Amplifier Improves Circuit Performance

This video explores the superior performance achieved with the LTC2063 zero-drift amplifier in a wide variety of low power applications. The LTC2063 enables precision measurement at extremely low power levels. The LTC2063 operates from 1.7V to 5.25V and features a shutdown mode which is optimized for battery-powered and duty-cycled applications. Extremely low input bias current over temperature allows precision to be preserved even in high impedance circuits.

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Quad 3A, Ultrathin uModule Regulator Fits on the Backside of PCB

The LTM4643 is a quad output step-down µModule® (power module) regulator, configurable as a single output (12A), dual (6A & 6A or 9A & 3A), or quad (3A each) regulator in a 9mm x 15mm x 1.82mm ultrathin LGA package. This flexibility enables system designers to rely on one simple and compact µModule regulator for a variety of voltage and load current requirements in FPGA, GPU, ASIC and processor-based applications. The 1.82mm height ultrathin package allows the LTM4643 to be mounted on the backside of the PCB, freeing space on the topside for components such as memory and connectors. The LTM4643 is suitable for systems with height restrictions, such as backside PCB assembly in PCIe applications and where the regulator must fit under a common heat sink or cold plate to cool high power FPGAs, GPUs, ASICs and processors in applications such as embedded computing, data storage, medical imaging and industrial systems.

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Buffered Octal ADC Inputs Simplify Sensor Interfaces

Many systems using a precision analog-to- digital converter to digitize signals need some signal conditioning circuitry between the signal source and the ADC. In addition to its other functions, that circuitry must accurately drive the input of the ADC. The combined demands of performance and high speed to handle the ADC input currents can present a substantial additional design challenge.  To simplify and improve these systems, the LTC2358 octal ADC adds FET-input analog buffers to the performance and flexibility of the LTC2348. These buffers allow the signal conditioning to be designed around the needs of the signal, rather than the needs of the ADC. The purely capacitive picoamp inputs can be directly connected to a variety of delicate, low-current sensors and ease the design of analog antialiasing filters and other functions.

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